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Operations Research

The research activity of this group is focused on general methods for solving optimization and decision problems by using logical and mathematical models and by developing efficient algorithms. The research topics concern both the theoretical contribution to the development of new methodologies and the definition of methods for the solution of specific application problems. The main areas of investigation concern: general methods and solvers for mixed-integer linear programming; exact and approximation algorithms for routing, packing and scheduling problems; optimal management of power production and distribution; optimization of production and distribution of thermal energy; optimization of solid waste collection; optimization and approximation for signal processing; optimal railway management .

Group Members

Silvano Martello

Daniele Vigo

Andrea Lodi

Roberto Baldacci

Enrico Malaguti

Valentina Cacchiani

Research Partners

Rainer Burkard Technical University Graz (Austria)

Teo Crainic UQAM and Cirrelt Montréal (Canada)

Karl Doerner University of Vienna (Austria)

Wout Dullaert  Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Claudia D’Ambrosio École Polytechnique (France)

Gábor Galambos University of Szeged (Hungary)

Gilbert Laporte HEC Montréal (Canada)

Adam Letchford Lancaster University (UK)

Ivana Lijubich University of Vienna (Austria)

Jeff Linderoth University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)

Michael Schneider TU Darmstadt (Germany)

Mutsunori Yagiura Nagoya University (Japan)