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Non-equilibrium thermodynamics and hyperbolic systems

The research activity of this group is focused on: construction and validation of models of non-equilibrium thermodynamics and non-linear wave propagation deduced in the framework of continuum thermomechanics; study of connections between continuum mechanics and kinetic theory; analysis of the structures and peculiarities of hyperbolic systems of balance laws; study of the general properties of well posedness, stability and asymptotic behavior of solutions of such systems; shock waves and shock structure analysis; studies of limits and correlations between models of parabolic and the hyperbolic type, comparison between the results predicted by classical non-local theories (Navier-Stokes-Fourier-Fick) and those of extended thermodynamics. The methods used are both analytical and numerical.

Group members

Tommaso Ruggeri

Francesca Brini

Andrea Mentrelli

Augusto Muracchini

Leonardo Seccia

Research Partners

Masaru Sugyiama University of Nagoya (Japan),

Takashi Arima Kanagawa University (Japan),

Shigeru Taniguchi Kitakyushu National College of Technology (Japan),

Henri Gouin University of Aix - Marseille (France),

Ingo Mueller Technical University of Berlin (Germany),

Claudia Negulescu University Paul Sabatier (Tolouse, France),

Srboljoub Simic University of Novi Sad (Serbia),

Gianni Pagnini BCAM (Basque Country, Spain),

Elvira Barbera University of Messina (Italy),

Fiammetta Conforto University of Messina (Italy).