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Our computer labs

The laboratories located at the Reserach Centre of Applied mathematics are the following.

Laboratory of Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing

This laboratory is used by engineering students for the preparation of degree thesis in the field of mathematical modeling (one and two dimensional signal processing, image processing and computer graphics, wave propagation in nonlinear systems, etc.) in MATLAB and C++ environment.


The PAM–Lab is a multidisciplinary laboratory for computer-aided design and numerical modeling. It supports many activities carried out by teachers and students of the Department of Civil Engineering, Environmental and Materials (DICAM), the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning (DAPT) and the Research Centre of Applied Mathematics (CIRAM).

Laboratory of High Performance Graphics, Computing and Vision (in preparation)

The project involves the achievement of a multidisciplinary lab allowing high-level teaching for specialistic courses, and provides a research platform for trainees, undergraduates and graduate students in the field of high performance computing on graphics cards (General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit, GP-GPU), computer graphics, numerical modeling and computer vision. The laboratory will be organized by the Department of Electronics and Computer Systems (DEIS) and the Research Centre for Applied Mathematics (CIRAM).